Mission of the HPC laboratory

The mission of the HPC laboratory is to deliver reliable, sustainable computing resources and services to facilitate the use of high-performance computing and to meet the small scale and midrange computational demands of the scientific research community in the academic institutions and high-tech SMEs located all over the country and the region.

Computing is a tool as important as experimentation and theory in solving various scientific problems of the twenty-first century. The mission of the laboratory is to support computational science, in which interdisciplinary teams of scientists consider fundamental problems in science and engineering that require computation and have broad scientific and economic impacts.

The European Commission recognised the need for an EU-level policy in HPC to optimise national and European investments, addressing the entire HPC ecosystem and adopted its HPC Strategy on 15 February 2012.

The HPC team takes forward the policy developed in the Communication of the European Commission on Big Data and supports the European Open Science policy agenda which aims to increase the quality and impact of science, building on the achievements of Open Access.