HPC Team

HPC team e-mail: hpc-lab@sofiatech.bg

The cluster was designed, build and configured by following members of Monte Carlo group at the Physics Department of the University of Sofia:

  1. Prof. Ana Proykova (a.proykova@sofiatech.bg ; anap@phys.uni-sofia.bg)ORCID iD icon
  2. Dr. Stoyan Pisov (stoyan.pisov@gmail.com)
  3. Dr. Hristo Iliev (hristo@hiliev.eu)
  4. MSc. Ivo Iliev (ivo.n.iliev@abv.bg)

The Monte Carlo group has previous experience operating the Physon HPC cluster, which is the main computational machine of the University of Sofia campus. Specializations of team members in EPCC (Edinburgh, UK ), CINECA (Bologna, Italy), BSC (Barcelona, Spain), HLRS (Stuttgart, Germany), RWTH (Aachen, Germany) are highly acknowledged.